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Mextures App

Onboarding for using the unique features in Mextures for iOS.

App Crashing When Saving

We are aware of a bug that is affecting saving of certain images. We are locating the bug and will have an update out soon.

Cannot Access Camera Roll Or My Photos

You’ll need to allow Mextures to have access to your photos in order to import your images for editing or to save edited images to your camera roll.

Importing and Using Formulas

In Mextures you can import formulas that others have created via a sharing code.

Restoring Purchases

It's easy to restore purchased bundles, textures, or formula packs from within the app.

Images Not Saving To Camera Roll

You’ll need to allow Mextures to have access to your photos.

Image Export Resolution

Depending on what iPhone or iPad you are using, we cap the resolution to the native camera megapixel count on older devices.

Saving Formulas

Once you've created an edit you love, you can save it to use over and over.

Sharing Formulas With Others

You have the ability to share the formulas you've created with anyone.

What Are Formulas?

A formula is a combination of layered textures and adjustments to create a detailed edit

Adding and Layering Multiple Overlays

One of the best features of Mextures is the ability to quickly stack textures.

Adjusting Overlays and Texture Opactiy

After selecting a texture pack you can easily apply and view different textures to your photos.

Using Adjustments and Film Presets

With Mextures, you can edit your images with powerful photo editing tools

Error Using the In-App Camera

You’ll need to allow Mextures to have access to your camera