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What is the Mextures Collective?

The Mextures Collective is a group of artists working together to educate and inspire. We exist to be an inclusive community dedicated to enabling and encouraging all creatives, professional and amateur, to use Mextures as an editing tool in their editing process.

Welcoming every style of photography and editing, The Mextures Collective seeks not to influence, but to promote various styles and techniques used to create unique art.


This is a project that is open to anyone and everyone. All we ask is that you use Mextures at some point in your editing process (and we'd love it if you'd share your formula!). We genuinely enjoy seeing the wide range of colors, designs, and artistic styles that are created using photos from this collaborative project.



The Mextures Collective is always looking for new perspectives. If you are comfortable with others editing your with different artistic styles, we'd love to have you. As a contributor, your images will be seen by artists, designers, marketers, and brands. We have a brief submission form that only takes a few minutes.