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Developing Drama and Contrast

By Merek Davis
April 15, 2020


With this image taken from the current round of the Mextures Collective featuring @sky_chaser, I knew from the start that I wanted to add drama to an already beautiful scene.  Whenever I have a lot of heavy clouds in an image, I immediately turn to Neutral Density from Landscape Enhance.  Doing this gives the entirety of the top half of my image an ominous feel.  Then for a little bit of funky lighting I use the Digital Darling light leak and blend it in overlay mode.  Next, I bring in Sky Earth from Vintage Gradients to enhance the grays, greens and golds in Connie's shot.  From there I pair up Insidious from Atmospheric and Crisp from X-film to shift my lighting a touch, enhance my colors, and give a bit of a faded feel.  Since I always end in the adjustments section, I put the F-PROVIA film preset to work furthering the drama I've already created while tweaking the exposure, contrast, saturation and sharpness just enough. 

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