Terms of Service


These Terms of Service (these “Terms”) explain how you can use the Mextures mobile app, provided by Merek Davis Com LLC, (“Mextures,” “we” or “our”). Please read these Terms before you start editing. They apply to all of our users.

By using Mextures you agree to be bound by these Terms. For information regarding your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


You can only use the Mextures textures in this app with your personal work. Selling prints and/or copies of your work that use Mextures for profit is allowed.

You do not have permission or a license to sell or copy these textures, include them in any Apps (free or paid), or use them in paid/freelance commercial work you do.

Do not distribute the textures in Mextures as your own. You CANNOT under any circumstances modify Mextures and redistribute those textures as your property in any way, shape, medium, or form.


You are responsible and liable for the edits you create and share using the Mextures app. We are not responsible for violation of using copyrighted photos.

We do our best to make sure images in the inspiration feed are original content. If we are made aware of copyrighted material, we reserve the right to remove the image and ban future features from the infringing party.


If you choose to share a formula you have created with others, the image you created with shared formula will also be viewable to anyone who uses the shared formula code so that they understand how it has been used. Mextures cannot control the sharing of formula codes. Your shared formula images are stored on our private, protected servers and will not be used in Mextures marketing materials without your consent.

TOUs can change at any time: last TOU update 2.3.16