Privacy Policy

Mextures is a mobile application that allows you to edit, create, and share your photos.

We do not collect any of your personal information within the Mextures App. Any data or email address that are obtained from any sources are seen only by us and will never be sold or distributed to any other company. We respect your personal information and privacy.

We anonymously track mobile analytics to see how our users interact with the app. We do this so we can tweak the user experience to make sure our app becomes better over time.


Mextures App includes the ability to share directly to different social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The links and sharing to these sites request private information to work properly. As these are links to third-party apps, we have no control over the information they request.

Sharing Formulas

Mextures has the ability for users to share their edits via Formula codes. When a user selects “Share Formula” on a Formula in the Formula Manager, we collect a low-resolution copy of the before and after thumbnails, and the actual formula. This is uploaded to our private servers and then you are given a code to share. Anyone who you give access to this code will be able to import the low resolution before and after photos, and the editing code. If you do not want your images shared, do not share the formula code. Others with whom you share formula codes can, in turn, share those codes with others. There is no expectation of privacy for formula or corresponding image once you have shared a code with another.

When you delete a shared formula, this only removes it from your formula manager and not the server.  If you would like a formula removed from the server, please contact us and include the 7 character formula code.

Your Consent

By using the Mextures App, you consent to this privacy policy.

This privacy policy can change at any time: Last update 3.2.16

Any questions about this Privacy Policy should be addressed directly to us.