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Adding Tone and Depth to Foggy Images


With this PNW shot from photographer Sage Jonesy, all I really wanted to do was to add some funky color and texture to the fog.  When it comes to fog coloration, the Radiance pack always works well.  I like to use overlays from Radiance whenever I'm playing with light and color and in this case, the purples in the Eventide overlay worked perfectly.  To move the viewer's eyes from left to right and construct a bit of a mysterious "out to sea" theme I used BINDING from the Grunge pack.  This added texture to the fog and ocean on the far right of the image and also allowed me to emphasize the funky colorations.  WINTER SKIES from Landscape Enhance helped me smooth out the blues in this image while LEMONGRAB from Vintage Gradients created just a bit of faux lighting on the beach and in the fog.  I find myself turning to the Atmospheric pack whenever I want to build some directional lighting and for this image, I used OMINOUS for a bright to dark feel moving from the top left of the image to the bottom right.  MAUVE from X-film allows me to build on the funky color while also adding fade and contrast and the MISTY film preset worked perfectly to build upon the blues and purples I had already constructed in this Mextures edit.  My Mextures formulas are never complete without a handful of movements in the Adjustments section focusing on saturation, shadows, and sharpness.